Excelsior Academy has retained its status as a healthy school, praised by inspectors as an “exemplar” Newcastle school “demonstrating outstanding practice.”

A team from Newcastle City Council’s Healthy Schools team visited the academy, talking with the student council, the catering team, curriculum leads and governor Kate Charnley, to gain a full understanding of the academy’s commitment to the physical and mental well-being of all pupils and staff.

The result is that Excelsior Academy has retained its status as a Newcastle Healthy School, with student and staff representatives due to attend a celebration event next month at Gosforth’s Marriott Hotel where they will be presented with their official certificate.

The Healthy Schools team report highlights:

  • A strong health promoting ethos embedded in Excelsior Academy, with comprehensive provision and support structures in place
  • Health and well-being at the core of the school ethos with recognition that healthy children are more likely to learn effectively
  • Excelsior Academy a welcoming and nurturing school which makes everyone feel valued through its holistic approach to health and well-being
  • Excelsior Academy supports emotional health and well-being through a strong welfare system in place across all its schools
  • The academy is congratulated on its school food offer. Pupils report that school meals are “excellent” and don’t feel they can be improved any further
  • The food environment helps to support healthy eating messages with staff regularly eating with pupils at lunchtime
  • The take up rate of school meals is extremely high across the academy

Craig Taylor, Excelsior Academy Executive Principal, said: “We are delighted to receive the Newcastle Healthy School award in recognition of the outstanding work of all our staff to promote physical and emotional well-being at Excelsior Academy.

“The report highlights the holistic approach we take. We recognise that happy, healthy pupils who feel safe and valued go on to achieve greater academic success and become good citizens contributing positively to society. We also recognise that happy, healthy teachers enjoy their work better and perform more effectively.

“It’s a source of real pride for all our dedicated teachers and support staff to read how the report highlights the impeccable behaviour of pupils, how engaged they are with this issue and how the inspection team viewed our pupils as a credit to the school.”