The great industrial inventions of the North East are the theme of a stunning new display by pupils in the main hall of Atkinson Road Primary Academy.

Pupils drew on the inspiration of the Great Exhibition of the North #GetNorth2018 currently winning national and international acclaim, as the centre point for their new exhibition.

Historic transportation including pioneering boats and trains and well known landmarks, through to a new age of renewable energy signified by wind turbine blades now welcome pupils, staff and visitors into the main hall of the Newcastle school everyday.

Teachers supervised the work of pupils over a six-week period to produce the fantastic creations.

The theme of creativity has extended out into the schoolyard where colourful new fairytale murals are bringing a vibrant new feel to play time.

The murals, created by teachers Mrs Doyle and Mr Crow working hard in their spare time to ensure they were finished in the summer term, depict classic fairytale scenes played out on the school walls.

Pupils and teachers at Atkinson Road Primary Academy – together a super talented bunch!